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CCTV Systems

WRB supply and install CCTV Systems for efficient, cost-effective surveillance of your premises to deter crime, look after property and protect people.Take advantage of our expertise to get the most out of the latest technology to protect your premises. Our systems can be tailored for Residential CCTV Systems, Business CCTV Systems, and Commercial CCTV Systems.

CCTV Systems in Dundee, Angus  & Fife

The right positioning is crucial so use our installation experience to get the best possible coverage.We’ll help you determine the best system for your needs from a comprehensive range of options. This could include fixed cameras or fully functional cameras which can pan, tilt and zoom , all the way through to the latest joystick-controlled, high-speed dome models with optical zoom lenses and low-light capabilities.We can offer a wide choice of viewing and recording features including:

  • Digital Video Recording
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Continuous monitoring and recording of multiple images
  • Time and date generation for investigation and legal proceedings
  • Instant image printing
  • Remote observation from our partners NSI Gold monitoring station

Cameras can also include security lighting, infra red lighting and can be integrated with Intruder Alarms and Access Control Systems.