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Door Entry

Authorise or restrict accesson the go with intelligentdoor entry systems

From entry-level “call” buttons to integrated video intercom, our engineers have unrivalled experience of tailoring cost-effective solutions in businesses and housing developments. Working throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas, we utilise class-leading technology to not only provide a practical solution to door entry, but with the added security benefits to keep users safe. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3

Door Entry Panel
Door Entry Panel

Audio Door Entry

Audio door entry systems provide the user with an easy and practical solution to authorise or restrict access. Installed inside the door internally is either an electronic latch keeper or an electro-magnet lock to secure the door itself.

Video Door Entry

Video door entry systems introduce a visual verification to allow users to see who is trying to gain access. This upgrade is usually found in properties with higher security requirements and can be found in new-build apartments across Tayside.

Built in Access Control

Where security is paramount, or multiple users are regularly entering the property, built-in access control can be the best solution. Access tokens can be distributed to staff to provide instant authorisation upon entering the property.

Systems Maintenance

If you have a new or existing door entry system installed in your property across Glasgow or surrounding areas, speak with our experts. We can service your security on a periodic basis to ensure the system remains in full working order.

How does it all work? A practical solution to authorised door entry

When a visitor approached your door they will simply press your call button on the entrance panel, each button will correspond to one apartment. This will in-turn ring the handset in your apartment and on a video system will provide you with a live video image of the person at the door. Once answered, you will have two way speech via the handset and on authorisation you press the lock release button to open the locking unit.

Door Entry Panel